“If food is the body of good living, wine is its soul”
Clifton Fadiman.

Patio is very happy to announce a new exciting series of gastronomic events!

In the first event a fascinating food and wine matching dinner will take place. The wines of one of the most well known and premium cypriot wineries, Zambartas Winery, will be paired with flavours of the Nikkei cuisine.

Zambartas Winery, is a boutique and family owned winery, based in the heart of the wine region of Limassol. It produces high quality wines, made from local and international varieties.
The Head Chef of this superb food and wine pairing dinner, will be Thanos Stasinos, who will come from Greece, especially for this event. Chef Stasinos is best known as the person who introduced Nikkei cuisine (a blend of Japanese and Peruvian flavours) to the Greek and the Cypriot restaurant scene. Chef Stasinos is also the consultant chef at Patio, creating its new menu based on the Nikkei cuisine and philosophy.
For this gastronomic dinner, he has created some new exciting dishes to match the wines of Zambartas Winery.

The owner and winemaker Marcos Zambartas will be present to introduce his wines and Maria Th. Massoura, wine specialist at Vassos Eliades Ltd will guide us through the food and wine pairing process.


Aperitif with Edinburgh Gin Liqueurs

Bun with mackerel, smoked mussels, chili apple marmalade
Zambartas Xynisteri 2018
Gyoza with smoked eel and matcha tea cream
Zambartas Rosé 2018
Veal nigiri estofado
Zambartas Mataro - Yiannoudi 2017
A different take on shieftalia
Zambartas Shiraz-Lefkada 2017
Avocado cream with grapefruit and green apple sorbet
Zambartas Koukouvagia Rosé 2018

The event will begin at 8.30 pm
Price per person: 60 euros
For reservations please call 22 664488. Limited availability.