LEGGO, comes all the way down bigger, stronger and louder to Nicosia for an unforgettable night!
Reggaeton | Dancehall | Rnb
Beats by DJ El Gato & DJ Englezos.
✪ Sponsored by Beluga.
✪ Info and Reservations please call us on 22 664488.
✪ Right of admission reserved.
✪ Entry only allowed to persons over the age of 21 and have proof of age on request. (I.D or Drivers Licence).
✪ Doors open 19:00 P.M
✪ SOS: Latest reservation by 22:00.
✪ Customer notice regarding photography:
Please be aware that during events photos may be taken of the crowd. By entering this area you consent to featuring in our photos without compensation. If you do not wish to be in any photos that may feature on our Facebook page or website please inform a member of staff or message us directly through Facebook.