Home Again Wednesdays at Patio Cocktail Bar

Home Again Wednesdays at Patio Cocktail Bar

HOME AGAIN! ...5 years ago, during his first steps in his career, DJK was starting alongside a new Project at the time, Patio Cocktail Bar, a new concept/trend that featured a live DJ while people were enjoying their dinner, changing then to uplifting music creating a super experience that revolutionized the nightlife in the old town of Nicosia!!

Now, he's back and reuniting with his "first love" the Patio Cocktail Bar, for a brand new concept that will excite everyone who's in need for a new experience in their night out!

A Midweek event taking place every Wednesday starting April 4th with the title "HOME AGAIN"... Patio is bringing Bar Culture in the old town Nicosia with music by DJK and a guaranteed feeling of "good times" to fill you with energy till your next outing on the weekend!


video here


Now... you DO go out on Wednesdays!! #PatioBarCulture #HomeAGain


Home Again Wednesdays at Patio Cocktail Bar


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